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Big Shot Marker - United States Patent No. 4176973

Designed For a Stenotypist!   Designed by Steve




The Big Shot Marker was designed and developed in the early 70's and was the first marking device in the United States for court reporters and students. The Big Shot fits most machines and comes in two bright colors which are easily seen. The Big Shot Marker is used for the following: 1. Cross-examination or redirect/green for direct - red for cross. 2. Difficult words for spelling. 3. Flag a certain speaker or new witnesses. 4. Use red for read back and green for transcription. 5. Any unusual questions you may have in your notes. 6. Flag exhibits.

The Big Shot Marker has been sold all over the United States and International. Several articles were printed in court reporting magazines. California Court Reporter's Association (CCRA) and National Court Reporter's Association (NCRA) also known as National Shorthand Reporter's.                                                                                                                                                          



In 1978 NSR published a photo of Mr. Smith, President of NSRA and President of the U.S. Court Reporters Association using The Big Shot Marker In 1978 the NSR published the identical triples using The Big shot Marker. Trudy, Linda and Karen Searles as Freelance Reporters in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1977 The Baron Cat Tales published an article from Kevin Daniel. A quote from Kevin: "One minor attachment to the stenograph machine that makes the transcriber's job easier is the "Big Shot." By marking your rough spots, unusual names, etc. it's possible to type up a comprehensive cue sheet in a matter of minutes; which helps the editor immensely.


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