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Accessories and Prototype's

Lumbar Cushions, Tripod Side Bar Support Arm, Teddy Bears, Key Chains, Lap and Knee Rests




Lumbar Cushion #1 - This passive pneumatic cushion is a shaped cushion which in its unactuated position is fully inflated. The cushion is surrounded by an airtight envelope that protudes a vent valve. Pressure applied to the cushion by the occupant's body while the valve button (at side) is depressed...will cause the contained air to vent and the cushion to conform to the occupant.  Release of the button will cause the envelope to seal and the cushion to retain that shape and body support.  To refill the cushion, the occupant needs to merely release the body pressure cushion and again push the valve button.  The cushion will automatically refill to its original position. USED AS A HEAD REST...this cushion can be form fitted to provide support under your neck in a reclining position such as in a plane or a passenger in a car..


Lumbar Cushion #2 - This is our "fold-up" model which can be carried in your glove compartment or purse.  This comes deflated and is pumped up to fit your body using a squeeze bulb.  To deflate just press the button.  When not in use the bulk stores in a pocket on the back side of the cushion. Lumber Cushion #3 - Constructed of low-density "memory return" foam and virtually indestructible urethane air bladder which pumps up by using an attached bulb that is stored in pouch at side of cushion.  Release air by pushing button.



      sidebar       sidedesk                                     
Tripod Sidebar Support Arm Prototype - The sidebar support arm atttaches easily and quickly to your tripod.  In moments you have your lap top computer right next to you and the screen at eye level.  It can be attached to either the left or right side of your stenotype machine and must be attached over one of the tripod legs for necessary support.  Fits into your travelers case.  This new and correct placement of your lap top relieves your neck muscles, back and shoulders as well as arm strain that comes from reaching for that other keyboard. This makes a complete and professional WORK STATION for the Stenotypists. Side desk - fits atop SIDEBAR - If you don't need a lap top but need additional space to write lists of exhibits, steno conflicts, swearing in oath, etc. Made of  black plastic and you can use your Post-Its, notepad, pen and calendar. Steno-View - First of all this StenoView is a Security Protection for the Court Reporter. Also, you can Observe the Plaintiff, Defendant, Judge, Jury, Witness, Audience, Student, Teacher and is even handy when you need to add that extra makeup.


Steno-Fan - The fan can cool you down when that pressure builds up when your pounding away at the stenomachine.  It can help Relieve, Relax and Releases that tension.



             bears with a steno machine                         court reporting key chain


Teddy Bears - The small bears come with suction cup and can be your traveling companion for car, home or office.  The large bears are musical, just press the feet. Key Chain - Can also be used as a magnet Lap and Knee Rest - Sculpted of low-density foam providing a comfortable, secure relaxing position of your arms with the least stress.  The foam is rigid enough to support your steno machine or lap top computer while preventing discomforting heat buildup on your lap.  Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Holds your notebook computer, pen, pencil, cellular phone and post it note pad.  Stores in the Travelers Case.


The Gregory's understands this profession by experience in the field dragging around all the tools and equipment needed to do a days work led to the development of a complete line of accessories that are NOT a luxury item but are a NECESSITY for Stenotypists.


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